Satria Utama

Campaign Strategy


Just want a share my experience working with Bright during my tenure as senior brand manager Rexona, a market leader deodorant brand in indonesia and the world. As digital agencies Bright is one of a kind partner. Their distinguish experience notably in digital, answer all the brand challenges to meet its objective both for awareness and engagement

Bright’s team always gives fair suggestion on media and digital strategy, so that client can invest effectively in reaching objective with minimum budget required

Compare to overseas agencies that I have experience working with, Bright has advantage in taking local insight into global digital platform that proven the result

Working with them in several projects, Bright had digested the client brief thoroughly. Attention to detail of every single element, customized media strategy and understand the target audience insight led the project successfully deployed. The key messages are well conveyed, branding is clear and high awareness campaign amongst target audience.

In short I recommend them as a partner in digital agency. or even you can only chat with one of their consultants for free advice since they are always willing to lend their hands to help others.

Good Luck !

Satria Utama
Senior Brand Manager Rexona